CCS Transportation

  • Below is a list of the newly created bus routes with 5 buses (instead of 6) covering the town of Charlotte. There is also a color coded map to help you better understand the new routes. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Naomi Strada, Assistant to the Principals, at 425-6600.


    7:00 North on Greenbush at Old Brick

    7:15 West on Lake Street from Orchard

    7:25 Hills Point Rd, turn around

    7:30 South on Greenbush from Lake Rd

    7:35 West on Ferry Road

    7:38 North on Lake Road

    7:40 West on Whaley Rd

    7:45 Converse Bay, turn around

    7:50 East on Ferry (and back to school)


    7:10 North on Upper Church Hill Road

    7:15 South on Rte 7, turn around

    7:25 East on State Park Road

    7:28 South on Mt. Philo

    7:30 East on Spear turn around at Guinea

    7:35 North on Mt. Philo to State Park Rd

    7:40 North on Rte 7 (and back to school)


    7:10 CCS – PICK UP AIDE

    7:10 South on Mt. Philo, cross over State Park Rd to Rt 7

    7:20 West on E. Thompson’s Point Rd

    7:25 South on Greenbush Road, turn around

    7:28 West on E. Thompson’s Point Rd

    7:33 North on Lake Street, turn around

    7:38 Thorpe Cove, turn around

    7:40 East E. Thompson’s Point Rd, turn around

    7:45 North on Greenbush Road (and back to school) 


    7:02 East on Hinesburg Rd

    7:06 Tenney’s

    7:07 South on Spear Street

    7:15 South on Monkton Road, turn around

    7:19 East on Lewis Creek, turn around

    7:25 West on Spear Street

    7:28 North on Guinea Rd

    7:33 West on One Mile, turn around

    7:37 East on Bingham Brook, turn around

    7:42 North on Guinea Rd

    7:44 East on Hinesburg Rd

    7:46 Tenney’s

    7:48 West on Hinesburg Rd (back to school)


    7:05 West on Lime Kiln

    7:10 North on Mt. Philo, turn around

    7:05 West on Lime Kiln

    7:20 North on Spear, turn around

    7:30 East on Hinesburg Road

    7:32 South on Bean Road

    7:35 North on Dorset

    7:37 North Pasture Lane, turn around

    7:37 East on Carpenter, turn around

    7:38 West on Carpenter

    7:40 South on Spear (back to school)



    Thank you to all of our families and our very resilient students while CCS worked with BetCha Transit to resolve the bus situation caused by a shortage of bus drivers. Charlotte is now covered by 5 buses, down from 6. This means that routes are more full and slightly longer. Since the buses are running at pretty much student capacity, please remember that it may not be able to accommodate large number of students going to non-school sponsored after school events such as library programs, art classes or birthday parties. If you have any questions, please feel free to call Naomi Strada in the CCS Office.