Volunteering in the Schools

  • Volunteer and Chaperone Procedures 
    To be completed and approved before volunteering and/or chaperoning.

    Consent for Release of Registry Information Form C
    Supervised volunteers and chaperones will complete the Consent for Release of Registry Information and provide a copy of a photo ID. This allows the supervisory district to perform a search on the Agency of Human Services Abuse Registry and the Vermont Internet Sex Offender Registry (VISOR).

    We ask volunteers to read and abide by the statement regarding confidentiality and ethics for the CVSD Schools.

  • It is the policy of the Champlain Valley School District, hereinafter referenced as “the Board” or “the District”) to ensure that volunteers will be appropriately screened prior to entering into service in the school district and that only volunteers who have been screened as outlined in the policy and approved by the Superintendent have extended unsupervised contact with students.

    General Information
    The Board recognizes the valuable contributions made to the schools by volunteers. It further recognizes that appropriate supervision of volunteers will enhance their contributions as well as fulfill the responsibility that the school district has for the education and safety of its students.
    For the purposes of this policy and procedures developed pursuant to this policy:
    1. Volunteer: A volunteer is an individual not employed by the school district who works on an occasional or regular basis in the school setting to assist the staff. A volunteer works without compensation or economic benefits.
    a. Unsupervised: A volunteer in a position or assignment which involves unsupervised contact with students in the building or offsite as a part of a school program such as, but not limited to, mentors, overnight field trips, or the transportation of students in personal vehicles for field trips.
    b. Supervised: A volunteer who works directly with students who will be under the immediate supervision of a school district employee and will not have unsupervised contact with students.
    1. Screening: The Superintendent or designee shall develop administrative rules and procedures to ensure compliance with this policy and state and federal law.
    2. Recruitment: The principal(s) or designee is authorized to recruit and approve volunteers. It is the principal(s) responsibility to be reasonably sure that the volunteer is a person of good character with the ability to make significant contributions to the school. The principal(s) will require volunteers to complete the screening requirements of this policy. A person who fails to provide full and accurate background information in response to the principal(s) request will not be permitted to work with students. If the position for which a volunteer is being recruited involves regular unsupervised contact with students, the principal(s) will carry out a criminal records and other required background checks on the final candidate in accordance with the district employment policy (Code D1). District School Boards’ will determine if they will pay for the fee(s) associated with criminal records checks.
    3. Placement: Placement and replacement of volunteers will be made by the principal(s) or the principal(s) designee.
    4. Conditions of Work: Volunteers will be informed by the principal(s) or designee of the extent to which school district insurance policies protect them from personal liability resulting from claims against them based on negligence or other injurious conduct while acting in a volunteer capacity.
    5. Policies and Procedures: The principal(s) or designee will assure that all volunteers are familiar with the school districts policies and procedures.
    Responsibilities of Volunteers
    1. Volunteers are responsible for complying with school policies, rules, and procedures.
    2. Volunteers will be considered staff members for purposes of compliance with the state and federal harassment statutes.