• Student Assistance Program

    Student Assistance Programs can be found in schools throughout the United States.  The program was modeled after the adult, Employee Assistance Program (EAP).  The  CY SAP program is concerned with building students' developmental assets and resiliency by supporting students struggling with their own or someone else's substance use, intervening, and referring them to community agencies or private clinicians for more specialized care when necessary.  In addition to this role, CY SAP's also:

    • Provide prevention education in and out of the classroom
    • Facilitate student leadership programs
    • Organize parent education events
    • Engage students in service learning

    By being located within the school, CY SAP Counselors help to build better connections among students, their families, school personnel, and community service agencies. 
    Connecting Youth (CY) of Chittenden South- Promoting a culture that develops in our youth the power and conviction to make healthy choices.