SCS Nutrition

  • Breakfast and Lunch are available daily during the school year.
    All Breakfast entrees are served with ice cold milk and choice of fruit, and juice.
    Consider trying the early morning breakfast option.  We have a mobile cart stationed just inside the entry where parents drop off their students at the B Wing.  There are a variety of healthy breakfast choices offered in handy recyclable To Go packaging.
    All lunch entrees include a self-serve Fruit and Veggie Bar, featuring a variety of salads, a variety of fruits and other local offerings, homemade soup, and ice cold milk.
    In addition to the menu selections, we also offer daily:
    • Grilled Cheese (which comes with a veggie and a choice of fruit, as well as ice cold milk)
    • Grab-N-Go complete meals, featuring Sandwiches and Salads
    • Grab-N-Go snack packs, featuring proteins, fruits, veggies, and a grain
  • SCS Food Smart Program

    The SCS Food Smart Program aims to increase awareness within our school community about healthy food and the importance of good nutrition.  We think that food education is an integral part of a student’s overall development and work to provide meaningful experiences through farm-to-school projects, the school garden, and hands-on exploration in the classroom and cafeteria to answer some important questions:  

    • Where does our food come from?
    • What is in our food?
    • What are the nutritional values of the foods we consume?
    • How does food preparation and consumption play a role in our overall health?

    Learn more about SCS Food Smart here, or email us at