• Lunch Menu

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    Free Breakfast and Lunch for all Students

    Rebecca Mashak, SCS Food Service Manager, 383-1112

    Students will order lunch in the classroom and most will be able to go through the cafeteria lines and eat lunch in the cafeteria.
    We are offering 7 daily options that students can choose from. There is something for every student, even the picky eaters. All meals are served with veggies, fruit and ice cold milk.
    Free breakfast meals are available every morning. 
    Children learn better if they start their day with free breakfast. 
    We offer a variety of delicious and nutritious breakfast options every day. All of our free breakfast meals meet the USDA requirements and come with a whole grain rich breakfast entrée such as a bagel, muffin, pastry, cereal or breakfast bar, ex. Zee Zee Bar, Nutri-Grain bar or Pop Tart. Those are served with a cheese stick or yogurt cup, fresh, canned or dry fruit and an ice cold milk. Some breakfast entrees are sweetened and contain between 6g and 24g of sugar depending on items selected and serving size. Any pre-packaged items that we use meet the USDA requirements for school breakfasts, they are whole grain rich, lower in sugar and calories than the equivalent items from the grocery store. We provide options so that all students can find something that appeals to them and meets their needs.
    Our free breakfast meals make great snacks even if students are able to eat breakfast at home.
  • Food That's In When School Is Out Form

    If you would like to receive supplemental food for your Shelburne school age children during any of the four school vacations this year,  please fill out the form above.   Supplemental food includes milk, bread eggs, fruit, yogurt, cereal,  cheese and various shelf-stable items.  Fresh produce is included when available. 

  • Special Dietary Requirements

    As always, we work hard to make reasonable accommodations for special dietary requirements. Many of these requests can be accommodated within the meal pattern guidelines that we must adhere to and would not require a medical statement. However, If your student has a food allergy that requires us to make a substitution that doesn't meet the USDA Food Pattern Guidelines, then we will need a medical statement signed by a State licensed health care professional that we must keep on file. To request a milk substitute, we will also need either a medical statement signed by a State licensed health care professional or a signed note from the child's parent or guardian.

    Free and Reduced Meal Applications

    Even though all meals will be free this year to all students it is very important to fill out an application for free and reduced meal benefits. There are many benefits to families including P-EBT funds that are tied directly to the applications. Your school district is also able to provide many services that are funded by grants tied to these applications. There are links on the left side of this page to easily fill out a form. 
    If you have any comments, suggestions or menu ideas, please consider filling out our FEEDBACK FORM or contact your local Food Service Director.
  • SCS Food Smart Program

    The SCS Food Smart Program aims to increase awareness within our school community about healthy food and the importance of good nutrition.  We think that food education is an integral part of a student’s overall development and work to provide meaningful experiences through farm-to-school projects, the school garden, and hands-on exploration in the classroom and cafeteria to answer some important questions:  

    • Where does our food come from?
    • What is in our food?
    • What are the nutritional values of the foods we consume?
    • How does food preparation and consumption play a role in our overall health?

    Learn more about SCS Food Smart here, or email us at SCSFoodSmart@gmail.com.