Art Teachers

  • Emily MCracken, Grades K-4

    Abbie Bowker, Grades 3-8


    We believe that all children from a young age have important ideas, observations, responses and feelings that can and should be heard and that the arts offer a natural outlet for self-expression. Through immersion in the artistic process, students develop their innate curiosity, learn to trust their choices and gain self-esteem.
    We also know that exploration in the Arts is instrumental in developing flexible thinking, adaptable learning styles and creative problem-solving skills.

    Broad exposure in the Arts deepens one’s appreciation of aesthetics and enhances one’s experience of the natural world, while also offering valuable insights into our collective cultural histories. 

    For these reasons, encouraging the flow of ideas, engaging imaginations, expanding possibilities, connecting to our past, present and future world, seeking solutions, exploring media and learning new skills are the goals of our Visual Arts Program.