CCS Transportation

  • We at CVSD and CCS have a mission to provide safe, reliable transportation for our students.  Bus routes must be created with the followings considerations:

    • Capacity of bus
    • Length of route
    • Safety of route  

    With these factors in mind, several changes that affect the routes have been made.  These changes take affect on Monday, September 17th with the AM bus run.  Please discuss these changes with your child(ren) so they are aware of the changes and not confused.  Please see the pictured map for a better visual.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Naomi Strada, Assistant to the Principals, at 425-6600.

    Major Changes for Buses:

    • Old Brick Store no longer P/U or D/O option
    • Split routes are no longer allowed due to capacity issues
    • Hinesburg Road east to RED
      • Only Steeple Ridge recreation program remains D/O on Purple
    • All of One Mile to Purple
    • Mt. Philo North of One Mile to Purple
      • Upper Old Town Trail will P/U and D/O on One Mile Road & Mt. Philo Intersection
    • Jackson Hill ONLY Red
    • Library drop off to Green (PM only)
      • By direction of the Library, only Library patrons should use parking lot, if pick up location only, please park in the Town Hall parking lot
    • Robin Lane to Orange

    Capacity Update:

    • If you are planning events and expect students to ride the bus to your location (i.e. - birthday celebrations, Odyssey of the Mind), please call the office (425-2771) to check if there is enough space on the bus to accommodate your request.  You may be required to make other travel arrangements.

    Walking Instructions for Philo Ridge Farm:

    • Students will wait in Lobby until buses and flagpole car pick up line is clear and then proceed from east parking lot crossing the Hinesburg Road onto the gravel walkway.
  • Updated information by route:


    7:05 North on Greenbush at Old Brick

    7:20 West on Lake Street from Orchard

    7:30 Hills Point Rd, turn around

    7:35 South on Greenbush from Lake Rd

    7:40 West on Ferry Road

    7:45 North on Lake Road

    7:47 West on Whalley Rd

    7:50 Converse Bay

    7:55 East on Ferry (and back to school)


    7:15 North on Museum Road

    North on Upper Church Hill

    7:18 North on Rte 7, turn around

    7:20 South on Rte 7

    West on Ferry (Library loop around - drop off only)

    South on Rte 7

    7:30 East on State Park Road

    7:33 South on Mt. Philo

    7:40 East on Spear turn around at Guinea

    7:45 North on Mt. Philo to State Park Rd

    7:50 North on Rte 7 (and back to school) 


    7:10 Leave CCS

    Left on Rte 7

    7:15 Right on E. Thompson’s Point Rd

    Palmer Lane / Big Oak Lane

    7:25 Left on Greenbush Road, turn around at Town Line Road

    7:30 West on E. Thompson’s Point Rd

    7:35 North on Lake Street, turn around

    7:40 Robin Lane

    7:45 East E. Thompson’s Point Rd, turn around

    7:50 North on Greenbush Road (and back to school)



    7:00 Leave CCS

    7:05 South on Spear Street

    Right on Bingham Brook, turn around

    7:10 Continue on Bingham Brook and Fat Cow Farm

    Right on Spear

    7:15 Continue to Quinlan Farm Lane

    Left on Monkton Road

    7:20 Bullfrog Run, turn around

    Right on Lewis Creek

    7:25 Lewis Creek Road

    7:30 Roscoe Road, turn around at Rotax Road

    7:35 Left on Lewis Creek

    Right on Monkton Road

    Left on Spear

    7:40 Continue on  Spear, Right on Guinea

    7:45 Dolliver Driver, Left on One Mile

    Continue on One Mile

    7:50 **Upper Old Town Trail (P/U and D/O will be at intersection of One Mile Road and Mt. Philo)

    7:55 Right on Mt. Philo Road (back to sch

    8:00 Left on Hinesburg Rd - arrive at CCS


    7:05 Leave CCS, North on Mt. Philo (north of Lime Kiln only in PM), turn around

    7:08 East on Lime Kiln

    7:10 North on Spear, turn around

    7:15 East on Hinesburg Road

    7:22 South on Bean Road, turn around

    7:25 East on Hinesburg Road, turn around

    7:30 West on Hinesburg Road

    7:35 North on Dorset Street

    7:37 East on Carpenter Road, turn around North Pasture Lane

    7:44 North on Dorset Street, turn around

    7:46 South on Dorset Street, West on Carpenter Road

    7:50 South on Spear, left on Jackson Hill Road

    7:52 West on Hinesburg Road (back to school)