•  Dear CVSD families, friends, colleagues,

    Welcome to the 2020-2021 school year - a year like no other!! We are so ready to have you all back. It’s been a long, and sometimes harrowing, six months, but we are here, and we are ready.  Kudos go to our administration, faculty and staff for getting us to this place.  This week, students have met their new teachers -  some in -person, most through wonderfully engaging “get to know me and your classroom” videos.  The energy and enthusiasm for what lies ahead are palpable. Welcome aboard!

    Even with the challenges facing us with COVID-19, we’re excited for the start of a new year and the opportunity it presents for setting new goals, reigniting neglected passions, and putting our individual and collective best selves forward. Our teachers and administrators have been gathering for the last several weeks to learn together, to plan for the upcoming year, and to ready their classrooms for the nearly 4,000 students who will stream through the schoolhouse doors, in person or remotely, next week.

    Many thanks go to the custodial staff, nurses, bus drivers, IT staff, and all others in each of our buildings who have worked diligently all summer long to make sure everything is ready to welcome students, no matter what form of learning - hybrid or fully remote. This is a time to appreciate the many ways in which everyone has risen to new challenges on behalf of our students.

    Finally, you - our families and friends - deserve a big thank you for working with us to provide the very best education possible for all of our students.

    I want to wish you all a great school year - one in which your children thrive, your lives are manageable, and one in which together we return to normal. We’ve got this CVSD! Thank you!

    Elaine Pinckney, Superintendent