Fiscal Year 2020-21 Budget

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    Video Series: Budget Process and Information

    • Board Budget Video 1: Finance Committee Chair, Brendan McMahon kicks off the video series. Posted 11/8/19
    • Board Budget Video 2: Jeanne Jensen and Elaine Pinckney explain the budgeting process. Posted on 11/14/19
    • Board Budget Video 3: Meagan Roy shares about the Special Education budget. Posted on 11/20/19
    • Board Budget Video 4: Jeff Evans explains Vermont's Education Quality Standards. Posted on 12/6/19
    • Board Budget Video 5: The Finance Committee prepares for the Dec. 17th Board meeting about Operations and Management. Posted on 12/16/19
    • Board Budget Video 6: Jeanne Jensen shares an update about the finalized budget and the tax impact. Posted on 1/11/2020.