Mental Health Resource Guide

  • FIRST CALL (24 hr. crisis response in Chittenden County) 488-7777

    • Phone support and assessment
    • In home/school assessments
    • Screening for emergency bed/hospitalization placement
    • Resource and referral info

    Children and Family Mental Health Treatment Programs

    Howard Center, Child, Youth and Family Services 488-6600

    • First Call
    • Outpatient therapy
    • Case management
    • IFBS (Intensive Family Based Services)
    • Early Childhood program
    • School Services (social workers placed in schools)
    • Baird School
    • Jarret House, Emergency/assessment beds (6-14 y.o.)

    NFI (Northeastern Family Institute) 658-0040

    • Crisis beds/assessment beds
    • Homebased Wraparound services
    • Case management
    • Outpatient counseling

    Centerpoint Adolescent Treatment Services 488-7711

    • Mental health counseling for teens
    • Coping skills groups for teens
    • Substance abuse treatment
    • Parenting skills groups

    Spectrum Youth and Family Services 862-5396

    • Health services for teens
    • Mental health services for teens and parents
    • Case management for transition age youth
    • GED and JOBS programs
    • Substance abuse treatment

    Drug and Alcohol Treatment

    Spectrum Youth and Family Services 864-7424

    Comprehensive health and mental health services for transition age youth and runaways

    Centerpoint Adolescent Treatment Center 488-7711

    Substance use assessment and treatment

    Valley Vista (adolescents and adults) (802) 222-5201

    Residential and detoxification programs

    Inpatient Mental Health Treatment

    Brattleboro Retreat (5-18 yr.) (800) 738-7328

    Brattleboro, Vermont

    CVPH (Champlain Valley Physicians Hospital) (518) 561-6000

    NFI (North Eastern Family Institute) 655-8833

    Hospital Diversion (13-18 yr.)

    Howard Center, Child, Youth and Family Services 488-6600

    Emergency beds “Jarett House” (5-13 yr.)

    Outpatient Therapeutic Groups
    These are constantly changing, some of the topics covered are “girls self-esteem” “art therapy” “parenting” “relationships” “fatherhood” “sexual acting out” “fire starting” etc. Agencies that frequently offer these groups include: Howard Center, Centerpoint, VNA, Prevent Child Abuse Vermont.

    Social Services (housing, financial assistance, food, etc.)

    211 Vermont (human resource help line and website) #211 (phone)

    Department of Mental Health, Agency of Human Services, Vermont

    Outpatient Counselors
    National website with therapist listings, descriptions and photos
    An on-line mental health resource for Chittenden County parents, guardians, schools, and other child serving professionals.

    There are many independent therapists in Vermont. These are some of the larger practices in the Burlington area:

    Vermont Center for Children, Youth and Families 847-2224

    Behavior Therapy Center (UVM) 656-2661
    CBT focus/individual therapy and parent training

    FAHC Psychological Services 847-3634
    CBT informed therapy

    Howard Center, Child, Youth and Family Services 488-6600
    Children and families

    Vermont Center for Integrative Therapy 658-9440

    Networks 863-2495
    Individual and Family Therapy

    NFI “Family Center” 658-3924
    Adolescents and families (attachment/trauma focus)

    Otter Creek Associates 865-3450

    Spectrum Youth and Family Services 862-5396 x310

    Stone House Counseling 654-7607