• Diversity and Multiculturalism Resource Materials

    On-Line Resources:

    1. Teaching Tolerance (www.teachingtolerance.org)
    • A project of the Southern Poverty Law Center
    • Resources for teachers; parents; elementary, middle and high school students
    • Areas of focus include racial, religious, gender, sexual orientation, Native American and multiculturalism sensitivities
    • Classroom resources
    • Film kit
    • Professional development
    • Classroom activities
    • Multiple, accessible, on-line publications

    1. Southern Poverty Law Center (www.splcenter.org)
    • Internationally known for its promotion of tolerance education and legal activism on behalf of vulnerable members of society
    • Multiple, accessible, on-line publications

    1. Respect Diversity Foundation (therespectdiversityfoundation.org)
    • Multiple on-line resources promoting tolerance, acceptance and affinity across differences

    1. Immigration: Stories of Yesterday and Today (Scholastic.com)
    • Explore the history of immigration in America and learn what it is like to be an immigrant today

    1. Education World: Tolerance Lesson Plans (www.educationworld.com/a_lesson/lesson/lesson294.shtml)