• As you all know, Governor Scott announced that we will not return to in-person schooling the remainder of the school year. This news has saddened us all. Students, please know that we all miss spending time with you in our hallways, classrooms, cafeterias, buses, and athletic fields. We miss your smiles, your laughter, your curiosity, and your intellect.  It’s easy to argue our schools are the souls of our communities.

    While it’s understandable to be grieving this loss of school as we know it, it’s important to remember we are all still here for one another. It isn’t the buildings that make our schools so special; it’s the people in them. Those people are hard at work for you. They are learning new ways to support, teach, and inspire you. We cannot allow the distance between us to erode the strong bonds we have so carefully created together, one relationship at a time.