• Memorial Day and Food:

    We will provide three meals per child order this coming Friday, May 22:

    One for Friday, one for Saturday and the third to cover the following Tuesday, the day after Memorial Day.

    Monday is Memorial Day; there will not be a meal pick-up that day. We will resume our normal schedule on Tuesday, May 26, getting ready for pickup on Wednesday, May 27, as usual.


    We are currently providing meal pick up service on Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings in all five of our towns. This flyer provides information about the pick-up locations and links to order your meals. 


    In order to ensure we have enough meals at each location, we ask that you pre-order before 8:00 AM on the day of pick up, but if you can’t, please come anyway and we’ll do all we can to send you home with meals. If you have trouble accessing the form, you can call in an order. In fact, if you are having any trouble at all accessing these meals, please reach out to us, we can help.

    Thank you and stay safe!


    Don't forget that in this district, there are food shelves in Williston (also serves St. George), Hinesburg (also serves St. George), Shelburne and Charlotte. All have a very similar system, and there's no complicated sign-up process or anything to prove "need." This resource is there for anyone who needs it at any time.