• For Proof of Residency, the term residency means where you actually live. Residency requirements are not met merely because one owns property or has a business or a post office box in a CVSD town. 

    All documentation should include the name of the parent/guardian and a valid CVSD town address:

    • Charlotte
    • Hinesburg
    • St. George
    • Shelburne
    • Williston

    Please provide ONE of the following:

    • Mortgage agreement or title showing a CVSD town's address and name of parent/legal guardian
    • Renters agreement or copy of lease showing a CVSD town's address and name of parent/legal guardian
    • If you cannot provide one of the above because you live with someone in a CVSD town, please provide a notarized letter from that person which states you are living with them at that address. This letter must include the name of the parent/legal guardian, the name and address of the person you are living within the CVSD town, along with their proof of residency.


    Please provide TWO of the following documents dated within the last 60 days with name and address indicated:

    • Valid Vermont driver’s license with the CVSD town address
    • Current utility bill in your name
    • Valid Vermont identification card with the CVSD town address
    • Valid automobile insurance card with the address showing
    • Valid voter registration card or receipt with a CVSD town's address
    • Bank statement for last or current month (financial information redacted)
    • Valid Vermont vehicle registration card