• Enrollment:

    To register a student new to CVU, please contact the Student Services Administrative Assistant to receive the New Student Information Packet. She can be reached at karcher@cvsdvt.org or 802-482-7137.



    If you have any questions regarding a transcript, please contact the Registrar via email at cmcsweeney@cvsdvt.org, or via phone at 802-482-7116.  Requests may also be faxed to 802-482-7123.  Please put "transcript request" in the subject line.

    To request a transcript, a request must be made in writing by email, fax, or letter. Please include:
              -  full name, including maiden name, if applicable
              -  date of birth
              -  year of CVU graduation, or when you last attended CVU
              -  full name and address of where transcript is to be sent
              -  current phone number to contact you if there are any questions

    Transcripts will be mailed out within ten business days of when the request is received.