• Welcome to C3

    Semester 2, 2021-22


    C3 Club and Community Daily Schedule

    C3 List of Clubs and Communities with Room Number


    We have made a few important improvements to our C3 system, which are going to require some help from students. Here’s what we ask of you: 

    • Sign up in advance: When possible, sign up for a full week of C3 the previous Friday. 

    • Check Adaptive Scheduler every day before or during Advisory. Make sure you are signed up for something and check to see if you have been requested by a teacher for Connect.

    • Be (and stay) where you signed up to be. If you want to make a change, do it through Adaptive Scheduler before C3 time. 

    • Respect rules and expectations: Each club and community can only exist if we have adults willing to support the students and the space, so please be kind, respectful, and thoughtful. Be sure to sign in as well so you are marked present.