• What is a strategic plan?

    A strategic plan is the vehicle that allows an organization to look at its future. Through visioning, developing a mission, examining core values, and setting achievable goals, the district moves toward the attainment of school improvement.

    Over the course of the next several months, the Champlain Valley School District will be implementing the development/deployment of a strategic planning process.

    The ongoing process is designed to be sustainable with CVSD's students, parents, staff, and community. We are working with Phil Gore, a representative from the VT School Boards Association. He has been hired by the district, as a consultant, to provide critical support for the development of the strategic planning process. 

  • CVSD Strategic Planning DRAFT Timeline

    From Phil Gore:

    • Meet with the superintendent, Central Office Leadership Team (COLT), and Board Officers to discuss needs, hopes, and sponsorship of the work [March 2022]
    • Meet with the board for a visioning exercise and input [April and May 2022]
      • Discuss values, beliefs, vision, and mission
      • Define the community and identify community groups
    • Meet with principals (and other administrators) for input into [April 2022]
      • Discuss values, beliefs, vision, mission
      • Review the process and gather input on concerns and hopes
    • Meet with the board on Vision, Mission, and Inclusion [May]
    • Convene a Strategic Plan Steering Committee (20-30 people) [August 2022]
      • Superintendent and his designated senior staff
      • Principal representatives
      • Teacher representatives
      • Non-certificated staff
      • Parent representatives
      • Student representatives
      • Community (non-parent) representatives
      • Other key constituent groups (safety, government, business)
      • Board member members
    • Hold Community Forums for input on goals, objectives, and tasks [October 2022]
      • Conduct SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats) Analysis
      • Collect input on objectives and tasks
      • Draft goal areas
    • Subgroups of the Steering Committee meet on Goal Areas [November—December 2022]
      • Write actionable goal statements
      • Develop clear objectives for each goal
      • Organize tasks under each objective
    • Present Draft Strategic Plan to the Board for review and input [January 2023]
    • Develop Metrics for Priorities, Objectives, and Tasks [January—February 2023]
    • Present Final Strategic Plan to Board for adoption [March 2023]

    More information will be posted here as it becomes available.

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