• CVSD Strategic Planning DRAFT Timeline

    From Phil Gore:

    • Meet with the superintendent, Central Office Leadership Team (COLT), and Board Officers to discuss needs, hopes, and sponsorship of the work [March 2022]
    • Meet with the board for a visioning exercise and input [April and May 2022]
      • Discuss values, beliefs, vision, and mission
      • Define the community and identify community groups
    • Meet with principals (and other administrators) for input into [April 2022]
      • Discuss values, beliefs, vision, mission
      • Review the process and gather input on concerns and hopes
    • Meet with the board on Vision, Mission, and Inclusion [May]
    • Convene a Strategic Plan Steering Committee (20-30 people) [August 2022]
      • Superintendent and his designated senior staff
      • Principal representatives
      • Teacher representatives
      • Non-certificated staff
      • Parent representatives
      • Student representatives
      • Community (non-parent) representatives
      • Other key constituent groups (safety, government, business)
      • Board member members
    • Hold Community Forums for input on goals, objectives, and tasks [October 2022]
      • Conduct SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats) Analysis
      • Collect input on objectives and tasks
      • Draft goal areas
    • Subgroups of the Steering Committee meet on Goal Areas [November—December 2022]
      • Write actionable goal statements
      • Develop clear objectives for each goal
      • Organize tasks under each objective
    • Present Draft Strategic Plan to the Board for review and input [January 2023]
    • Develop Metrics for Priorities, Objectives, and Tasks [January—February 2023]
    • Present Final Strategic Plan to Board for adoption [March 2023]

    More information will be posted here as it becomes available.

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