• Student Support Services

    CVSD is committed to the achievement of our mission for all students.  The Office of Student Support Services oversees those programs designed to support students’ diverse learning needs in our system.

    mission statement

    Some students require specialized instruction, modified curricula or accommodations designed to meet their individual needs in order to experience success in school. Students who require support services are identified by various means including child find activities mandated by federal law and referrals from parents, teachers, human service agencies and the medical community. Generally, support services fall into one of three broad categories: special education services, protection from discrimination under Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act, and support offered under the Vermont Act 117.

    In addition to the programs offered, our office serves as the liaison for numerous local, state and federal programs that provide services to students such as: guidance personnel, school nurses, CY Connecting Youth, The McKinney Vento Act for the Education of Homeless Children, School Psychologists, Occupational Therapists, the Community Skills Program, ELP Early Learning Partnership, Medicaid, EPSDT Early Periodic Screening and Detection and Head Start.