SCS Nutrition

  • Rebecca Mashak, Food Service Director, 383-1112

    April Menu

    General Information: 

    • Students will be offered school meals in their classrooms.

    • Meals will be available to students on remote learning days.

    • Meals will be available to students who are fully remote.

    K-8 In-School Meals: Teachers will be taking students' lunch orders in school on in-person days. Students will have the option of choosing between our hot or cold lunch meal. Breakfast will be available to students on their way to their classroom.

    CVU In-School Meals: Students at CVU need to place their order on-line using the In-School Menu order Form by 10:00AM and the meals will be delivered to the advisory room number that they chose when placing the order. For Breakfast, CVU students need to come down to the Cafe to pick up a breakfast meal from 8:00AM to 9:00AM. This will also be the only time the student can purchase Extra Cost Snacks and/or Beverages if they have money in their account.

    Remote Learning Days:  Our distribution days for meals for remote learning days will be Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays. 

    The order forms for Meals for Remote Learning Days are below:

    Williston Remote Meals:

    Shelburne Remote Meals:

    Charlotte Remote Meals:

    Hinesburg Remote Meals:

    Please note, any CVU students who are at home can order and pick up a meal from any of the K-8 schools in our district, but must choose the order form from the site they wish to pick up from.

    Please only sign up on these forms for the days your students will need meals at home. You can come to your school to pick up meals between 10-10:30 on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays. You can also request delivery of meals on the form and we will deliver meals to your home. By requesting this option, you are giving us permission to deliver meals to your home. Please place a cooler near your front door for us to place the meals in to keep them safe and cold. Some items will need to be reheated at home. The instructions will be on the labels.

    After that week you must choose one of the K-8 schools for meal ordering for remote learning days.

  • We are so happy that the USDA is allowing schools to continue to provide free breakfast and lunch meals to all children 18 years old and younger.  CVSD will be offering in-school meals, pickup, and delivery.  To read about our program, see our menu, and place your order, go to our district website at and scroll down to "Foodservice."  Our amazing food service team is excited to continue to serve the children of our community meals that are safe, nutritious, and delicious!

    Your child will have the opportunity to order breakfast and lunch each morning when they arrive at school.
  • Free and Reduced Lunch Application for 2020-2021

    SCS Food Smart Program

    The SCS Food Smart Program aims to increase awareness within our school community about healthy food and the importance of good nutrition.  We think that food education is an integral part of a student’s overall development and work to provide meaningful experiences through farm-to-school projects, the school garden, and hands-on exploration in the classroom and cafeteria to answer some important questions:  

    • Where does our food come from?
    • What is in our food?
    • What are the nutritional values of the foods we consume?
    • How does food preparation and consumption play a role in our overall health?

    Learn more about SCS Food Smart here, or email us at