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Clemmons Family Farm

From a Post to Facebook by the Clemmons Family Farm: 

Our Talented Ten! Last week, nine of our brilliant collaborating artists were at Champlain Valley Union High School with The Clemmons Family Farm's Community Outreach Adviser Chol Dhoor. The artists led a total of 18 arts and social justice workshops with more than 500 fourth and sixth grade students from the towns of Charlotte, Shelburne, Hinesburg and Williston during the Champlain Valley School District's Common Read Celebration Day that focused on three core books. Step dancing, drawing, singing, music composition, poetry, storytelling, and even card games were used to unleash creativity and facilitate courageous conversations in a loving and affirming environment about difficult topics: belonging and exclusion, identity and culture, race and class, history and discrimination, bullying, hate and injustice. We also talked a lot about love, acceptance, bravery, support, community, and justice. Thank you, artists, students, teachers and CVSD librarians and administrators for a beautiful, joyful and unforgettable day.