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CVSD School Buses

Dear CVSD Community,


Over the winter break, while families everywhere enjoyed the holidays, CVSD transportation received a different kind of treat; internal and external cameras for our bus fleet.  These cameras, which will provide a new level of safety for our students, are scheduled to be turned on the first week of February. The following protocols will be followed:

  • All surveillance camera recordings in the district will be subject to board policy currently under review by the CVSD School Board and will be posted on the District website.
  • Recordings from the internal cameras are not monitored in real time and will only be viewed after an incident and at the discretion of the Superintendent of Schools.   As always, incidents on our buses are handled by the CVSD Chief Operations Officer or appropriate school administrator per that school’s procedures.
  • Recordings of automobiles which violate state laws regarding the passing of school buses will be turned over to the local police authority.


Cameras in CVSD are used only with the goal of improving the safety of our students.  If you have any questions about the use of cameras, please contact your local principal or the CVSD COO, Jeanne Jensen, at 802-383-1234