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Test to Stay Information

Our district is excited to announce that we are participating in the antigen Test to Stay (TTS) program. The TTS program is activated when an unvaccinated student or student(s) are identified as a close contact to a confirmed case of COVID-19. The intention of the TTS program is to allow students that would otherwise be required to quarantine to remain in school. A detailed description of this program can be found on the Agency of Education Test to Stay website. More details on what testing day will look like are included below. 

This program is for students who are NOT vaccinated, are asymptomatic, and who may have had a school exposure. 

Letters with more information, including the specific links needed to provide both consent AND register your child(ren) were shared with families in each of our schools. The links are unique for each school. 

Important information about vaccines and Test to Stay: 

Some students are beginning the COVID-19 vaccination process. They are not considered FULLY vaccinated until 2 weeks after their second dose. They can still participate in Test to Stay until then. 

Parents/Guardians - please send your school’s health office a copy of your child’s vaccine record AFTER they get their SECOND dose. There’s no need to let the health office know if you’ve scheduled a vaccine. We certainly share in your excitement about the ability to do so! 

Parents/Guardians must complete both parts below if opting your child(ren) in the Test to stay program. 

  1. A student can only participate in Test to Stay if their parent/guardian has given consent. If you would like your child to participate in the response testing, including the antigen Test to Stay program, please complete the Consent webform as soon as possible.
  2. Vermont will be using SimpleReport to report the results of antigen tests. This reporting system allows for parents/guardians to receive their student’s results instantly. Please register your student, using the link provided by your school. (check your email, see the October 29 school newsletter, or contact your school nurse)

On Thursday, October 28, a group of Vermont medical professionals and a representative from the Agency of Education held a virtual Town Hall. They explained a lot about Test to Stay and answered questions that were submitted before and during the Town Hall. You can view a recording of the event here.